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Nova Green has been performing the landscaping on my town home for the last 4 years and has always done a great professional job. He’s always done his work with pride and integrity, and it’s the reason why I have him come back year after year. – Timothy. H

We used Nova Green to do seasonal cleanups on our yard and also to help us with some grass, tree, and landscaping issues.  Jose and his team were able to help us get some grass growing where Snowmaggeddon had destroyed it, to prune a tree that concerned us in our front yard, and to provide some landscaping spruce up that turned out beautiful!  They were on-time, courteous and reliable, and their rates are extremely reasonable.  We highly recommend Jose and the Nova Green Team! – Catherine G.

I recently had a large Pear Tree removed from the front of my townhouse.  This was a fairly large tree; was taller than my two story townhouse. I could barely reach my arms around the trunk of the tree, and I am 6′ tall. Nova Green was able to offer the best price in my area, but price isn’t everything. Jose was very professional and easy to talk to. He explained the full process to remove the tree safely. He also gave a few suggestions of what to do with the space after the tree was removed. He suggested a nice Japanese maple tree; one that wouldn’t grow to proportions that would require yearly trimming and would nicely work with the landscape. With his help I hired Nova Green for the job. From the moment they started working, I knew things would go well. Jose and two members of his crew showed up bright and early. They were on time and started work before I left for work. By the time I came home, ta-da, no more unsightly and dangerously large Pear tree, just a nicely place and well landscaped Japanese maple tree in its spot. In total they removed just over 3 tons of Pear tree in 24 for hours and replaced it with a nice new one. For the price, the professionalism, speed, and quality of work, I’d choose Nova Green for the job every time. – Andrew C.

We needed to have our front landscaping re-mulched and spiffed up a bit, but could not find the time to do it ourselves, so we recruited Jose and the wonderful NOVA Green Team to help us out. Jose made a few suggestions to improve the look of our landscaping in order to make our house stand from the rest of the houses on our street. NOVA Green did a fabulous job and we could not be any happier with the results. We plan to continue using NOVA Green for future landscaping needs, in fact we have already hired Jose and his crew to help re-do the back patio stones and make it look more presentable for future BBQ’s with friends and family. – Ashley C.

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